Instagram and Social Network... Concrete opportunities for the tourism services sector?

I state that the "social world" is taking more and more space in the everyday life of all of us, and it is also significantly changing a large part of the world economy and the marketing that flows from it. It seems that social media are the 2.0 economic revolution after the advent of the internet.

Even in the tourism and services sector there have been evident changes, not surprisingly, as the New York Times reports, in an interesting article from which I take inspiration, the whole hotel industry, but I would add not only, they have focused their attention on the phenomenon instagram and the exponential growth that the new "social photography" is enjoying. I quote a passage from the article in question:


“...On a moody August morning in British Columbia, two humpback whales swam beside the floating Great Bear Lodge, exciting guests who watched them feeding and lunging out of the water for fish. Posted to Instagram, the video of the exuberant wildlife encounter went viral and the lodge’s following grew from 600 to nearly 50,000. Booking inquiries jumped 1,350 percent that week.

Such is the power of Instagram, the popular photo-driven social media platform, now with over one billion users. Harnessing it has become a quest in the travel industry, where pretty pictures are staple sales tools. It may be impossible to assemble whales on demand, but travel businesses are otherwise reconfiguring their look and the experiences they offer with visual posts in mind.

“Instagram is figuratively and literally reshaping travel,” said Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst and the president of Atmosphere Research Group. “Now you see airports, airlines, cruise ships, hotels and points of interest designing or redesigning their interiors to be Instagram-friendly.”

Instagram still lags behind Facebook in terms of users and demographic diversity, according to Phocuswright, a travel industry research group. Among travelers who shop online, it found 71 percent of those 55 and older use Facebook while 71 percent of those 18 to 34 use Instagram....”


Well! A single shot, a moment immortalized or a few seconds of recording around the world and become viral in a very short time, making subjects and objects protagonists unaware and not the real superstars, certainly this media phenomenon could not go unnoticed by the giants of communication and marketing business.

But going back to the tourism services sector and specifically to the limo car service, can a similar tool really be useful? Is it really taking a selfie with a movie or sports star that has popularity on the web can increase the visibility of a company and therefore also the economic income?

In my opinion it can be a very useful tool but despite having created for my company the various profiles facebook, instagram etc., I try to take these tools with due caution, especially because the positive visibility that reaches the speed of light, can become negative with the same speed and create not a little damage to the image.


we wait to know your opinions ...

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